Complete Guide to American Student Visa Sponsorship

Looking to study in the United States but don't have enough money to sponsor your education, here in this post we discuss the visa sponsorship program that can get you to study in the United States

Complete Guide to American Student Visa Sponsorship

Do you want to study in the US but do not have sufficient funds? You can have sponsor support you instead. Many international students have a sponsor, such as a family member, to help cover their educational expenses.

However, studying abroad is a dream for many students. Yet, for some, this dream is only possible through sponsorship programs that are not readily available. However, while gaining a sponsorship may not be easy, it is certainly not impossible. Sponsors can be located inside or outside the United States.

Understanding Student Visa Sponsorship

Most non-US nationals wanting to study in the United States must apply for an F-1 student visa. The F-1 visa applies to students attending all US universities and colleges, seminaries or conservatories, language training programs, and primary and secondary schools.

However, before you start filling out the necessary forms, make sure that you qualify for the F-1 student visa. You must be able to demonstrate to the representatives at the US embassy or consulate that you have been accepted to a US school, intend to leave the US after you complete your course of studies, and have been adequately prepared.

Moreover, when applying for your student visa, you must prove that you can afford tuition and living expenses in the US. Some examples of financial sponsors for students are grants, family members, government organizations, and private companies. This is where the Student Visa Sponsorship comes in. When applying for a student visa in the US, international students may need a financial sponsor.


What is a Student Visa Sponsorship?

In general, sponsorship means the sponsor is taking the responsibility to take care of all the expenses for the visitor's trip. Sponsorship indicates that the person sponsoring the trip will be able to bear the cost of travel USA and fewer chances of becoming a public burden. It makes it easy for authorities to establish a contact/relationship with a US resident, just in case. This may be useful from a security perspective as well.

However, when you apply for a student visa, you are permitted to receive financial support for your studies from scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, grants, or loans from your university or college, government, or personal sources such as friends or family.

Moreover, you may be required to personally provide confirmation of the source that is sponsoring your student visa. Depending on the sponsor, you may need specific forms to disclose the sources of your financial support.

How to Get an American Student Visa Sponsorship

Smile! You're about to embark on the journey of formally applying for American student visa sponsorship. But, first things first - there are some prerequisites you must meet before being able to do so. However, below are the step-by-step guide on how to get an American Visa Sponsorship:

  • Determine if you qualify for a visa
  • Find an Academic Institution
  • Gather Documents to Support the Visa Application: For American student visa sponsorship purposes, you'll need to gather a few documents in order to prove your academic qualifications. These would include:
    • School Transcripts (high school and university)
    • A letter of acceptance from an accredited post-secondary institution or college
  • Apply Online for a Student Visa Sponsorship Letter of Intent (LoI): The next step is to apply for American student visa sponsorship through the online system. This will take about 20 minutes and you'll need your passport number, I-20 ID number from the previous application, proof of English proficiency if applicable, and any documents proving academic qualifications.

If approved, the next step is to submit your application package for a student visa sponsorship letter of intent. This includes:

  • A completed form DS 2019 (IAP 66) from the academic institution you will be attending in America
  • Proof that you have enough money to pay tuition and support yourself during studies, as well as living expenses throughout your stay in the United States.

Prepare For Interviews (Important!): The final step is for you to prepare yourself and your loved ones for interviews.  A face-to-face interview at the US Embassy in your country of origin (if not yet a citizen or permanent resident)

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What is an American Student Visa Sponsorship?

An American student visa sponsorship letter of intent is a document that shows the US government that you have an academic institution willing to support your application for American student visa sponsorship. This step in obtaining American student visa sponsorship has three main stages:

  • Applying online for a Letter of Intent (LoI) through the Department of State's website, DS-160
  • Submitting a completed application package for the LoI, including proof of academic qualifications and finances to pay tuition fees
  • Scheduling an interview with a consular official at your nearest US embassy or consulate. If you are already in America on another type of visa (ie: student F-visa). Then this step is not necessary and you can proceed to "Step six: Apply for a student visa (F-visa)."

The ultimate goal of this process is not only obtaining American student visa sponsorship. But also getting your new life in the United States started. There are many steps involved, so we hope that our guide has been helpful!

How do I apply for an American Student Visa Sponsorship Letter of Intent (LoI)?

The first step in applying for an American student visa sponsorship letter of intent is to either apply online or mail your application package.

Option one:


DS-160 Online Application - You can complete this form online through your MyUSCIS account and pay the $120 filing fee by credit card, debit/ATM card, bank transfer, check, or money order if applicable. Applicants that do not have a MyUSCIS account should follow the instructions on how to create one here.

Option two:

Mailing Your Application Package - This requires you to send all documents via post office such as Express Courier Service, FedEx, DHL, etc). If using regular mail please refer to the mailing address guidelines found on the website.

Once you have submitted your application package, please allow four to six weeks for processing and approval of a student visa sponsorship letter of intent from the Department of State before applying for a student visa with the US consulate or embassy in your home country.

If approved, the next step will be Submitting Your Application Package after you receive an email notification that LoI has been issued by USCIS). Submit all additional documents needed to complete your American Student Visa Sponsorship Letter of Intent within 14 days. These include Proof of English Proficiency such as TOEFL/IELTS scores if applicable; Documentation proving academic qualifications including transcripts, diplomas certificates, etc. Photocopies of financial documentation.

Eligibility Requirements for the US Student Visa Sponsorship?

You must be accepted to attend an academic or vocational program at a US institution, whether full-time or part-time. You cannot study online without attending classes on campus. Please note that it is against the law for an American student visa sponsorship letter of intent (LoI) holder to work off-campus during their studies. They can only obtain employment authorization through another type of valid visa status such as H-visa, L-visa, etc.)

You should also submit documentation proving your English language proficiency if applicable and evidence showing you have enough money to pay tuition fees and living expenses throughout your degree. There are no set standards for this amount. But $20,000 per year will generally cover most undergraduate programs at public colleges or universities.

If you are a graduate student, the amount needed will vary depending on your field of study and whether or not you have been awarded external funding from an American institution. For example, if applying for a one-year master's degree program at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. The tuition fees alone would cost $37,160. Therefore, it is likely that you will need more than this amount to cover living costs during a stay in America. A scholarship may also help with covering additional expenses such as airfare etc.

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American Student Visa Sponsorship Letter of Intent - Part Five: After You Have Been Accepted into an Academic Program at a US Institution. Applicants that do not have a MyUSCIS account should follow the instructions on how to create one here and submit additional documents within 14 days. Please note, that your LoI cannot be processed until all documents have been received.

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Tips for Making Your Application Stand Out from Other Applicants' Applications.

Applicants that do not have a MyUSCIS account should follow the instructions on how to create one here and submit additional documents within 14 days. This will enable you to attach supporting documents.

Questions & Answers about the process and requirements of student visas for American citizens and green cardholders. Applicants that do not have a MyUSCIS account should follow the instructions on how to create one here and submit additional documents within 14 days. Please note, that USCIS will not process your LOI until you submit the complete necessary documents.

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