The Pursuit of the American Dream: What Does It Mean for Our Country?

The pursuit of the American Dream has been a crucial part of the idea behind America itself. It’s often defined as the ability to live one’s life in happiness, with financial stability and freedom from outside oppression.

The Pursuit of the American Dream: What Does It Mean for Our Country?

The pursuit of the American Dream: We live for the chase as human beings. We want to pursue a dream and when we do, we pursue another one and then another. It’s never-ending but we hope that what you chase are the good things, the good ideas, and the good people to include in your life.

For many people, the American Dream is the pursuit of happiness, success, and freedom. But what does that really mean? And is it attainable for everyone? If you’re like most Americans, this may be your dream—or at least a future goal that you’re working toward with each paycheck and every personal challenge you overcome. This guide to the American Dream will explore what that means, how to attain it, and why it’s important to find your own unique definition of success and happiness in this country we call home.

What is the American Dream?

In the Oxford Dictionary, the American Dream is defined as the traditional social ideals of the United States of America: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. People have the right to life and liberty, but happiness is not a right. Happiness can only be given by the amount of effort a person gives.

The American dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society in which upward mobility is possible for everyone. The American dream is believed to be achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.

Although the definition of the American Dream has changed to mean different things to different generations, it's undoubtedly part of the American ethos, and likely always will be. However, below are further definitions of the American Dream.


The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, as well as upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers.

Understanding the American Dream

The term "American Dream" was coined by writer and historian James Truslow Adams in his best-selling 1931 book Epic of America. He described it as "that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

Adams further went on to explain, "It is a difficult dream for the European upper classes to interpret adequately, and too many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motorcars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.

Moreover, the American Dream is rooted in the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that "all men are created equal" with the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Also, the U.S. Constitution promotes similar freedom, in the Preamble: to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".

The pursuit of the American dream symbolized by getting a Green Card is a lofty idea yet one that is attainable, one that can lead to so many wonderful things for your life, your family, and the world. We believe that what is meant by the “pursuit” of happiness is the consistent chase of what will make us better versions of ourselves. Thomas Jefferson may have the right idea. He may have known that we will not achieve ultimate happiness in our lifetime but we will achieve something akin to that. It’s not the destination but the best ride of our lives that inspires our existence. What the USA stands for and what it is offering us is a chance to dream with our eyes open. We should dream and take action.

We love our planet and we think that it’s a great place and a great time to be here. We should always try to be as nice as possible to everyone and share our knowledge to benefit others whenever we can. With this book, we only hope that we have been generous enough in sharing what we know so that you can realize your American dream.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the American Dream

Fundamentally, the American Dream is about hope — the hope that every individual of whatever status has the chance to be all that he or she can be. It is America’s highest aspiration and promise and is inextricably bound to our nation’s ideals of freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity for all people. Individuals’ pursuits, collectively, constitute the moral and economic engines that drive this nation forward. That is to say, the greater the number of people who pursue their dreams, the healthier America’s economy is.

Advantages of the Pursuit of the American Dream

Achieving the American dream requires political and economic freedom, likewise rules of law, and private property rights. Without them, individuals cannot make the choices that will permit them to attain success, nor can they have confidence that their achievements will not be taken away from them through arbitrary force.

Moreover, the American dream promises freedom and equality. It offers individuals the freedom to make both the large and small decisions that affect one’s life, the freedom to aspire to bigger and better things and the possibility of achieving them, the freedom to accumulate wealth, the opportunity to lead a dignified life, and the freedom to live in accordance with one’s values—even if those values are not widely held or accepted.

Furthermore, the American dream also offers the promise that the circumstances of an individual's birth—including whether they were born American citizens or immigrants—do not completely determine their future.


Disadvantages of the Pursuit of the American Dream

The term dream also carries with it the notion that these ideas aren't necessarily what has played out in the lives of many actual Americans and those who hope to become Americans. Besides, the criticism that reality falls short of the American dream is at least as old as the idea itself.

However, the spread of settlers into Native American lands, slavery, the limitation of the vote (originally) to white male landowners, and a long list of other injustices and challenges have undermined the realization of the dream for many who live in the United States. Therefore, the main disadvantages of the American dream are as follows: Firstly, the reality of the American dream often falls short of the idea itself. Secondly, as income inequality has increased, the American dream has also seemed less achievable.

How to Attain the American Dream as a Foreigner

If you are a foreigner wishing to immigrate to the United States permanently. You may also wish to join in the pursuit of the American dream. But firstly, you will have to enter the United States, and one of the ways to immigrate to the country permanently is through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Meanwhile there are an estimated 44 million immigrants living in the United States today. Immigrants come to America from all over the world to pursue their version of the American dream: education, employment opportunities, health care and a better quality of life for themselves and their families.However, you can click on the link for more information on the lottery program.

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The concept of the American dream has unique and ongoing relevance to the history of the United States. However, the individual dream for a freer, better, and more fulfilled life was present from the start. It evolved from the hearts and souls of millions of people who built this country. Moreover, the American dream has lured several millions of people of all nations to the USA. That is why in many ways, the study of America is a story of individuals of different creeds, races, gender, ethnicity, and class attempting to pursue their dreams.

In conclusion, fundamentally, the American dream is about the hope that every individual of whatever status has the chance to be all that he or she can be. The ideas of freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity for all people.

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